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WV Deli Help

WV DELI  is an online database for downloadable books, audiobooks, videos, and more. With member libraries from across the state of West Virginia, the collection grows more each day.

Printed Tutorials

These are quick reference guides provided by OverDrive.

These are detailed step-by-step instructions for downloading, setting up & getting started on WV DELI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is OverDrive?

Similar to the library building itself, Overdrive is a digital management company that hosts and distributes the library's electronic database of ebooks, audiobooks, and streaming videos.

2. What is the OverDrive Media Console App and why do I need it?

The Overdrive Media Console app is designed to work on any tablet and simplifies the process of borrowing library eBooks and reading them on your device.

3. How do I download eBooks?
There are great instructions for downloading eBooks on our help/tutorial page.

4. Why do I need an Adobe ID?

Many eBooks contain Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection that protects the book from being shared with others. Your Adobe ID is used to authorize the book to your email address so that it is not locked on a single computer, but can be shared across your devices that are authorized with the same ID.

5. Why isn't my library card number working?

Please check to make sure that you are entering your barcode number exactly as it is printed on the back of your library card number.

If you are entering your barcode number correctly and you are still unable to logon, please call the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library at 304-627-2236.

6. Can I check out library books on my Kindle?

Yes! Most of our eBook collection is available in both ePub format and Kindle format so that they may be enjoyed across a wide range of devices. If you check a book out in Kindle format, it can also be read in the Kindle app on a variety of devices.

7. What is WV DELI?

WV DELI (Downloadable Entertainment Library Initiative) is a digital library consortium with member libraries representing many different counties throughout the state of West Virginia. The collection has many different eBook, audiobook, and streaming video titles to choose from.

8. Can I return a library eBook before it has expired?

Yes! The process varies depending on the type of device and format of the eBook. For more instructions, please visit our tutorial page.

9. Can I renew a library eBook?

Yes! Three days before your eBook is set to expire, a renew option will appear on your bookshelf in your WV DELI account screen. However, if another patron has placed a hold on the book, you will not be given an option to renew.

10. Why doesn't the library have the book I want to borrow?

The library has a portion of its annual budget set aside to purchase eBooks and audiobooks to add to the WV DELI collection. However, not all publishers have made their eBook publications available to libraries. Not all eBooks are published at the same time as the print edition. As interest in eBooks has increased, many publishers have revisited their earlier publications and purchased the rights to publish their earlier books in electronic format, but many of those earlier editions are still forthcoming. This explains why the library may have the more recent books in a series, but not the earlier volumes.

11. All of the eBooks I want to checkout have already been borrowed. Why is this when digital copies are unlimited?

   The Library purchases eBooks just as they purchase their print books-one copy at a time. Most eBook publishers prefer to sell their books this way, rather than allowing an indefinite number of downloads. If there is a lot of demand for a single title, then the library will purchase more copies. Recent releases have the highest demand within the collection, but there are many other books to read. Try refining your search to show only those books that are available now and don't hesitate to place a hold on the book you would like to read. A large number of holds on a book indicates to the library that it should consider purchasing additional copies to meet the demand.

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