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Gray Barker UFO Collection

Published Books

  • They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers
    University Books, New York, 1956
  • The Saucerian Review: A Report on Flying Saucers
    Saucerian Publications, Clarksburg WV, 1956
  • Bender Mystery Confirmed
    Gray Barker, editor
    Saucerian Books, Clarksburg, WV, 1962
  • Gray Barker's Book of Saucers
    Saucerian Books, Clarksburg WV, 1963
  • The Strange Case of Dr. M. K. Jessup
    Saucerian Books, Clarksburg WV, 1963(?)
  • Gray Barker's Book of Adamski
    Saucerian Books, Clarksburg WV, 1965(?)
  • The Silver Bridge
    Saucerian Books,Clarksburg WV, 1970
  • Gray Barker at Giant Rock
    Saucerian Books, Clarksburg WV, 1976
  • Gray Barker's UFO Annual: 1981
    Global Communications, New York, 1982
  • Gray Barker's UFO Annual: 1982
  • The Year of the Saucer: Gray Barker's UFO Annual 1983
    New Age Press, Jane Lew WV, 1983
  • A UFO Guide to FATE
    Saucerian Books, 1981
  • Gray Barker's M.I.B.: The Secret Terror Among Us
    New Age Press, Jane Lew WV, 1983
  • After the Philadelphia Experiment
    New Age Press, Jane Lew WV, 1984

Serial Publications

  • The Saucerian & The Saucerian Bulletin—September 1953 to October 1962
  • Gray Barker's Newsletter—1975 to May 1984
  • Editor of SAUCER News—1968 to 1970

Regular Columns

  • "Chasing the Flying Saucers—Flying Saucers (magazine)
         June 1957 to September 1962
  • "Chasing the Flying Saucers—UFO Review (magazine)
         ca. 1978 to 1982