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CHPL Policy Manual

Filming & Photography

The Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library primary goal is to be of service to the communities of Clarksburg and Harrison County. In the interests of serving our community, the library allows filming and photography, but only to the extent that it does not interfere with provision of library services and is consistent with the library's Mission Statement and Patron Code of Conduct.

Amateur photography designed to record a visit or make use of the library setting as a backdrop is generally permitted, provided that such activity avoids capturing identifiable likenesses of individuals without their permission and does not cause a nuisance to other customers.

News media photography and filming is also permissible, when news media photographers and reporters are covering stories or doing projects that directly involve the library, its programs, and its customers. To obtain authorization for such projects, please contact the Director. The library does not grant permission for the news media to use its facilities for stories or projects that do not relate to the library itself. This includes using the library as an interview venue, or using customers on library premises for opinion polls or "man on the street" interviews.

The library permits photography and filming of the location and its activities when the use of such materials involves the library directly-for example, promotional materials for the library, books, articles, or film about the library itself, or materials that address the role of the library in the city of Clarksburg or Harrison County. Advance authorization for this filming must be obtained in advance from the Director.

The library does not permit commercial photography on or in its facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, using library buildings, grounds or interiors as a backdrop for portraiture, model photography, and product photography. It includes photography or filming used to advertise goods or services unrelated to the library.

The library will permit use of its facilities by the movie or music industry for filming major entertainment projects where a library setting is called for, if the project does not interfere with the mission of the library, is in accordance with the rest of this policy and does not advertise or promote commercial products. Filming may not be related to political campaigns or to partisan issues, because the library wishes to avoid any appearance of impropriety. These projects must be approved in advance by the Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library Board of Trustees, with details worked out in advance with the library.

Any person filming or photographing on library premises is solely responsible for gaining all necessary releases and permissions from persons who are filmed or photographed.

Library staff may terminate any photography or film session that appears to compromise public safety and security.

Upon completion of filming or photography, the library's facilities should be in same condition as it was prior to filming. Rearranging of furniture and other changes to the facility must be approved in advance by the Director.