Who enjoys art & writing projects along with taking personality tests and learning so much about yourself?  Join us for a 6-week small group, led by Shannon Ruggieri, a Libera listener, where you will have a chance at self-discovery and to truly be heard.  Each week we will dive into the teen workbook learning about what makes us special and unique while enjoying an inspiring writing or art activity to go along with it.  We will also learn how to center ourselves through breathing techniques and calming exercises.  Sign up early to secure your workbook.  Even if you have gone through this program before, you are welcome to join us again - you always learn something new about yourself each time!

Week 1:  Personality Test & Draw Your Feelings

Week 2: Genogram

Week 3: Empower Poster

Week 4: Tree Self-Portrait

Week 5: Unsent Letter

Week 6: Vision Board


Registering once will provide you with the same Zoom link for each meeting.  Meetings will be held every other week.  

Meeting dates will be Feb. 8 & 22, Mar. 8 & 22, Apr. 5 & 19 from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm on Zoom.  For girls ages 11 - 18.


The Libera Model:

At Libera [Lee-BEH-Ruh], we know that you want to feel brave and free. In order to do that, you need to be heard and seen.

The problem is, life is challenging and you often face obstacles you don’t know how to overcome. This makes you feel anxious, alone, and concerned about your future. 

We believe no matter how many challenges life throws at you, you can live a life you love with confidence and strength. We’ve helped hundreds of women and girls just like you take control of their lives so they can experience freedom and hope. 

How do we do it? We listen to your story. We identify the barriers in your life. And we help you eliminate the barriers so you can live your best life.


Libera Mission Statment:

Libera is a community of mentors who genuinely listens, providing women and teens small group connection and a safe space to be seen, leading to self-love and transformed lives.


To find out more about Libera: https://www.liberawv.com/


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