Let's decode Shakespeare!!

You probably know that Shakespeare wrote in iambic pentameter, but what
does that mean – and why does it matter?

Some people describe it as a march, but we like to think of it as a
heartbeat – the heartbeat that gives life to Shakespeare’s characters and
words. This self-contained 90-minute workshop offers students the chance to
explore that heartbeat and find out what happens when it starts to beats a
little bit harder than usual…or skips a beat…or even stops.

Join Jason A. Young and Sarah Young from The Rustic Mechanicals Shakespeare
Troupe as we'll define iambic pentameter (and maybe even try writing a
little bit of our own), talk about why we like to think of it as a
heartbeat rather than a march, and show you how it helps emphasize the most
important words in every line, how it helps us take Shakespeare off the
page and onto the stage, and how it can help you better understand the
Shakespeare plays you read.

Program on Zoom.  Will receive link once you register.  


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